Chapter 42



Cameron heard two quick clicks behind him followed by two clinks of metal on the stone floor.  Cameron did not need to see behind him to know from where those subtle sounds came.  Pepe’s handgun was a SIG Mosquito, based on the design of Cameron’s P226 the Mosquito was ten percent smaller, the beauty of which was that with the silencer on the only sound that could be heard when taking a shot was of the empty shell cartridges expelling.

Next to him, Cameron saw Peter for the first time, laid out on the floor chest down with two tight red holes through his head.  Peter dropped so quickly that his blood had not had a chance to exit.  The blood now pulsed out of him from a heart that was too late to catch up with the death of the brain.

“I wouldn’t use that,” said Pepe.  Cameron could still not see his friend standing a few steps behind.

The priest said nothing and to Cameron’s other side another man stepped backward into view.  The big man was pointing the .357 he took off Cameron, not at Pepe, rather at Cameron’s head.  The big man was without emotion and Cameron could tell, that though the big man’s eyes were fixed on Pepe, the trigger of the gun was ready to be squeezed without hesitation.

“We’ll do this the easy way,” Cameron heard Pepe say.  “You don’t have to put down the gun.”

“You’re damn right I don’t,” said the big man.  “You get any closer and your friend is done.”

“I believe you,” said Pepe.  “I also believe you don’t care if I leave with my friend or not.  What you need to believe is that if I don’t leave with my friend, no one will be leaving.”

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