Chapter 42



The big man slightly lowered the .357.

“It’s ok, one thing at a time.  Slowly put your thumb between the hammer,” said Pepe.

The man slipped his thumb into the hammer of the .357 as Pepe requested.

“Now set it down,” said Pepe.

The man set the .357 on the floor.

“Good.  Now the coat.”

The big man began to swiftly slip off his jacket.

“Slowly,” said Pepe.  The big man slowed, removed his jacket, and then let the coat drop to the floor.

Pepe stepped forward holding the mosquito to the man’s stomach, his SIG 552 commando rifle hung clipped to his waist.  With his free hand, Pepe frisked the big man to ensure he was clean.

“Nice, now untie my friend.”

The man past Pepe back out of Cameron’s view.  Pepe’s mosquito followed the big man as Pepe turned toward Cameron and the priest.  Cameron felt the big man tug at his bindings, tightening them at first, and then finally loosening them away from Cameron’s wrists.

Cameron brought his wrists forward and began to rub them.  He heard another clink on the stone floor and the thud of the big man collapsing behind him.  The priest’s eyes widened.

“Don’t worry,” said Pepe.  “You’re going to escort us out of here.”

The priest nodded compliantly.  Cameron stood and turned toward the door.  He had not been sitting in the furnace room.  The heat behind him permeated from a portable gas grill, flames licking through the grate, with at least a dozen more skewers of varying widths glowing red.  Cameron looked back at the priest.  The priest smiled and shrugged.

“Are you ok?” asked Pepe.

“A little sore, but I’ve been worse,” said Cameron.  He reached behind his back and pulled out his P226.

“Alright Monseigneur, get up from the stool.  It’s time to go,” said Pepe.

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