Chapter 42



The priest started to speak, “I am actually not a Monseigneur –,” Pepe kicked the stool from under the priest and then said “– I don’t really care if you are an altar boy.  Now move it.”

The priest had caught himself from falling onto the floor, stood up, and then smoothed out his black jacket.

The three walked out of the room into an arched hallway.  Outside the door two men were crumpled on the floor in pools of blood. Pepe gestured to the right, “What’s down that way?”

“More crypts, a chapel, some storage,” said the priest.

“Is there another way up to the cathedral?  I don’t want to go back the way I came,” said Pepe.

“What is the way you came?” asked the priest.

“Through the back panel of the confessional booth like my friend.”

Cameron now understood how he was taken below the church, a secret door in the confessional booth.

“Ah,” said the priest, “that way you will find a stairwell that leads to a door near the dais and then continues up to the balcony.”

Pepe kicked the shoulder of one of the dead men on the floor.  The body shifted and then rested back to its original position.  “Will any of your friends be waiting for us?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” said the priest.

“Uh huh.  Cameron, take the Monseigneur back to the confessional booth.  Then wait for my signal.”

Pepe slipped the mosquito into his waist, lifted the 552 rifle and left Cameron and the priest where they stood.

“You lead the way,” said Cameron.  He waved the end of the P226 from the priest toward the length of the hall and then to the priest again.  The priest smiled and began to walk down the hall, leading Cameron to a bookcase.  The priest lifted his arms to the side of the case.  “Hold it,” said Cameron.  “What are you doing?”

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