Chapter 42



The priest stopped reaching for the bookcase and left his arms suspended.  “The passage is behind here.”

“All right then, slowly.”  The priest rested his hands against the end of the bookcase and easily slid the case passed an arched door.  A light flickered on revealing a set of stairs beginning at the archway.  Cameron waved the priest up the stairs with his P226.  “You fellas are unbelievable,” said Cameron.  Though Cameron had traveled this way shortly before, this was the first time he had actually had seen the hidden passage.

At the top of the steps was a series of wooden panels, the backs of the confessional booths.  Cameron was sure that exiting from the wrong booth would be bad news for him.  When Cameron scanned the room earlier he had thought the room looked clear, Pepe had obviously picked up on something since then.

The priest reached to open a panel.

“Just hold on for a moment,” said Cameron.

“You know,” said the priest, “it’s not too late to work something out.”

“It’s not hey?”

“Not at all.  We have access to quite substantial resources.  The million you requested for example.”

“Yeah I wanted to ask you, what denomination would that million be in?”

The priest grinned and then said, “Any denomination you like.  Do you have a particular favorite?”

“I’d have to say that I am tossed between Dollars and Euros.  Not long ago I would have said pounds, but the economy.  It’s a tricky thing.”

The priest smirked.  He knew that Cameron was playing with him.  “You are making a big mistake Mister Kincaid.”

“And that’s another thing, you keep calling me Mister Kincaid, not Cameron but Mister Kincaid.  How do you even know who I am?”

“We were at your restaurant.  Sadly, we underestimated you.  We were familiar with your celebrity on the Food Network–.”

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