Chapter 43



People began to stand and leave the pews, some whispering to each other, some distressed, most just left silently.

The priest’s face contorted and he let out a growl “Kill them!”  The priest quickly slipped his hand into his black jacket to grab a gun, only to be out drawn by Cameron.  However fast the priest had thought and moved Cameron did not have the burden of thinking to slow him down.  Cameron acted on pure instinct.  Cameron dove across the aisle to get cover behind a pew, firing his P226 at the priest while in motion.  Before the priest had even pulled his gun from the holster beneath his jacket, Cameron’s P226 had placed a bullet between the priest’s awestruck eyes.

Cameron was not quick enough for another sniper that cracked off a shot at him during his dive for cover.  A shot that was lucky for Cameron, unlucky for the sniper.  The sniper missed his target, giving away his own position to Pepe.  Pepe identified, targeted, and killed the sniper before he could get off a second shot.

At the door, an older man with baggy shorts and an open guidebook froze as people exited around him.  The man focused in the direction of Cameron, emotionless behind sunglasses.  Baggy shorts saw Cameron lift his head from behind the pew, dropped the guidebook, and pulled a Ruger from under his shirt.  Baggy fired two quick rounds toward Cameron.  Cameron took a breath and then threw himself down to the floor of the aisle, twisting as he did so that when he hit the floor he was able to roll back on his shoulder, putting his gun in the general direction on the baggy shorts man.  Cameron fired three rapid shots.  The top of baggy short’s skull separated from his head above his sunglasses.  Baggy shorts dropped to his knees and then fell forward dead.

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