Chapter 43



Cameron sat up and got to his knees.  P226 still in hand, he twisted left and right, sweeping the room.  “Clear,” said Cameron.  In his earpiece Pepe replied, “Clear.”

“Than that’s that.  Let’s move out.”

Cameron spun around to the body of the dark priest behind him.  The priest lay dead on his stomach.  Cameron rolled the body over and pulled open the priest’s jacket to check his inside pockets.  Nothing.  He grabbed the lapel and rolled the body back with a jerk.  The priest’s head thumped with a thud against the back of a pew.  Cameron flipped the back of the jacket up and found what he was looking for sheathed in the priest’s waistline, a Rex Mundi dagger.  He transferred the dagger to his own waist.

“You’re building up a collection, eh?” asked Pepe, already by Cameron’s side.  “I have two souvenirs myself,” Pepe added, holding up two daggers.  In Pepe’s other hand, he held an open backpack.  He dropped the daggers into the pack and then swept the room one more time before unclipping the 552 from the harness and adding the gun to the pack as well.

“Nice, let’s go,” said Cameron, his P226 still in hand.

At the end of the aisle, they stopped near the body of baggy shorts.  The body was stretched out, face down, in a pool of blood and brains.

“Would you like this one,” asked Cameron.  Pepe scowled and tilted his head curiously at the carnage and then shrugged, “You can have it.  You made the mess after all.”

Cameron stepped to the side of the torso.  He could see that nothing was tucked into the back of the dead man, so he pushed the body over with his shoe.  When the body rolled, lumps of brain oozed out of the gaping wound.

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