Chapter 43



“Ewe,” said Pepe.

“Its nothing you haven’t seen before,” said Cameron.


“You remember that guard in Ghana?  That was a mess.”  Cameron used his foot to slide the dead man’s shirt up.  In the waistline of the corpse was the sheathed dagger Cameron was looking for.

“That was different, his head was sliced in half.  This one, with the sunglasses still on, is very creepy to me.”

Cameron took a moment to look at the ghastly face blindly staring back at the two of them.  He tucked his P226 behind his back and said, “Yeah, he is creepy.”  Then in one motion, Cameron reached down with a swing of his arm, snatched the dagger, and took a step toward the door.

The people outside had already fled or were consoling each other in confusion beyond the promenade.  None took notice of Cameron or Pepe as they made their way out of the church, down the steps, and into the small park across Rue Ste Felixine.

* * * * *

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