Chapter 44



“You know that man?” asked Pepe, “Because he certainly seems to know you.”

“His name is Christophe,” said Cameron.  He smiled back at Christophe, bowed his head, and then asked Nicole, “How long has he been watching you?”

“Not long after you left.  I pretended I did not know he was there,” said Nicole.

“Good girl.  Well, he knows we know now,” said Cameron.

“Uh,” said Pepe, “so what are we to do?”  He too smiled in Christophe’s direction.

“Well it’s his dumb luck those two policemen are standing so close,” said Cameron.

“Or his misfortune,” said Pepe.

“His misfortune?” asked Nicole.

“Pepe’s right.  Christophe can take no action anymore than we can.”

Pepe spoke in a low voice, eyes still focused on Christophe, “Nicole dear, gather your things.  We need to move quickly.”

Cameron added, “I don’t think he has anyone left to call.”

“I don’t want to find out.”  Pepe looked down at Nicole, “Now my dear, let’s go.”

Magazines were stacked beside Nicole and a sketchpad was on her lap.  She had brought the magazines at Cameron’s behest so that she could blend easier in the park.  The sketchpad was added after Nicole had continually insisted that she needed her mind to stay pure.  Now Nicole stood leaving everything except her bag on the bench.

* * * * *

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