Chapter 45



“Ok, this way,” said Cameron as he waved goodbye to Christophe, “as we discussed.”  Cameron led the others down the sidewalk.  They had discussed an escape route in the slim chance they would be pursued by the Rex Mundi or the police.  Though neither of those things had happened, this third scenario was as applicable as a reason to initiate the plan.

The three walked briskly through the park without turning around to look back.

“Is he still following?” asked Nicole as they neared the street.

“I’m sure of it,” said Cameron.  “He would not be allowed to let you slip out of his hands a second time.”

“I guess you are right,” said Nicole.

“Stay between Pepe and myself, it will be over soon.”

“Is there another way?  You know I detest violence.”

Pepe answered for Cameron, “There is no other way.  Ce qui sera, sera.”

The three waited on the curb for the light to change and then crossed the street.  Cameron led them down the sidewalk to the corner where they turned, and then up the street passed a jeweler and a café.  Between the café and the next building was a small alley walkway, only wide enough for two.  The alley walkway led to a parking lot behind the street side shops.

Cameron stopped them in front of the café.

“Wait for it, wait for it,” said Cameron.

“Wait for what?” asked Nicole.

Pepe replied, “You will see.  Our friend Christophe needs to take the bait.”

“Wait for it,” said Cameron a third time.  Nicole realized now that Cameron was looking at the metal napkin dispenser to see the reflection of the corner behind them.

Christophe was not far behind and would soon be making the corner.

In a softer tone Cameron said, “Ok, now.”  He quickly led Pepe and Nicole into the alley walkway.

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