Chapter 45



Christophe saw them dart into the café-side alley walkway and followed them.  When Christophe reached the back of the building, he found the large parking area.  Christophe stayed inside the mouth of the alley walkway.  He peeked out into the parking area and was unable to see Nicole and the men right away.  A large planter at the mouth of the opening blocked his view.  He stuck his head out farther to get a better look.  Still unable to find where they had gone, Christophe took a few steps out into the open.  Up to the right, he finally saw Cameron and Nicole.  Christophe reached into his waist and pulled out a large black .44 magnum.  In the secluded parking lot away from the park, Christophe was confident he could use the heavy weapon the other operatives had given him.

Christophe tried to pull back the slide as he had been shown.  Because he was nervous, Christophe could not remember exactly what to squeeze.

In Christophe’s ear came a voice.  “Let me help you with that.”  Christophe felt a sharp pressure on his throat and let his hand go limp as Pepe gently removed the useless metal from his grip.

In Christophe’s excitement, he did not notice that the dark haired man had split off from the other two.  The large planter with the huge bush at the mouth of the alley walkway that had hid Christophe from the parking area also shielded Pepe from his view.  When Christophe had stepped out into the lot he had walked right passed Pepe.

“Let me go, please.  Please.  I will disappear.  You will not see me again,” said Christophe.

“If I let you go, you will leave and not return to your friends?” asked Pepe.

Christophe’s gaping open smile returned to his face, “Oui, yes, yes.”

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