Chapter 46



Pepe slid into the backseat, “So.”

“I promised Marie that I would take Nicole to Nova Scotia,” said Cameron.  “I think that will finally be the last stop.”

“I will go with you,” said Pepe.

“I would like that.”

Nicole turned toward the backseat.  In her hands she held up a Canadian highway atlas, “I know the way to the retreat in Nova Scotia.”

“I am sure you do demoiselle,” said Pepe.

“I am glad somebody does,” said Cameron.

Nicole ran her finger down the indexed list of provinces.  When she found the page she was looking for, she opened the atlas to the provincial map of Nova Scotia.  “We need to get here,” said Nicole.  She lifted the book for both men to see and pointed to a field of white in southern Nova Scotia, not far from the ocean.  “Once we are here, I know I can get us the rest of the way.”

Cameron did not challenge her or care to.  He knew that she was incapable of lying, and whether or not Nicole really could get them there, she believed she could.

* * * * *