Chapter 47


The Cathari Treasure

“Then it is true.  Je le savais,” said Pepe.

“What is?” asked Cameron.  They were a few hours out of Quebec driving into the indigo dusk.

“Les Chevaliers du Christ, they really exist.”

“Chevaliers, Knights, The Knights of Christ.  Lady Mani, the old woman back in Toronto, she called me a chevalier.”  Cameron rattled his fingertips off into a series of taps against the steering wheel, “So did Marie.”

“Les Chevaliers du Christ, you know, that is another name for Les Templiers.  You said Marie told you that brotherhood we are going to meet are Knights whose order have been caretakers of the treasure in times of strife for 800 years,” said Pepe.

“That’s what she told me.”

“My grand-mère told me that many of the people of Acadia were descended from Les Templiers, the Knights of Christ.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Cameron.

“Have you been living under a rock?  Everyone knows of Les Templiers, the Knights Templar.  The books, the movies, really Cameron you should get out of the restaurant more often.”

“You got me there,” said Cameron.

“Grand-mère told me that the Knights of Christ were fathers of Acadia, the part that is now Nova Scotia, long before the area was settled by other French or the British.  She said the British forced everyone to take an oath of allegiance and those that did not fled to other parts of Canada, some to Louisiana, all descended from the Knights of Christ.”

“Yeah, well.  After the last few days I am not the least bit surprised,” said Cameron.

“Fascinating,” said Pepe, his voice becoming distant.

“Sure,” said Cameron, unimpressed.

“Ah, but you see,” Pepe lifted his hands above his head and then dropped them on his lap, “of course you don’t see.”

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