Chapter 47



Cameron adjusted the rearview to look Pepe in the eyes, “See what.”

“If that part is true, then the other part my grand-mere told me may also be true.”

“And that is?” asked Cameron.

“The Knights fled from Europe when the were being persecuted,” Pepe paused for a second and then locked eyes with Cameron, “and with them they brought a treasure.”

Cameron cocked his brow, looked at the road, and then back to Pepe, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying.”

“Am I saying what you think I am saying?  Vous êtes ridicule.  You know that is what I am saying.  For centuries people have been guessing what the treasure was and where they hid it.”  Pepe gestured to the young woman sitting in front of him, “I am saying that people have been guessing wrong.  The treasure is not an it, the treasure is a she.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Cameron shook his head, “you read too many conspiracy books.”

“No, no, I believe this could be true.  You said so yourself.  Marie told you that Nicole is the treasure that can change the world.”

“I don’t know,” said Cameron.

“It is as Mister Pepe says,” said Nicole.  They had thought she had dozed off as she had been facing the window quietly since they left Quebec.

“It is?” asked Cameron.

“Yes.  Long ago, in the old country, Les Templiers and les bonnes gens, the Cathar, lived together and supported each other.  The Languedoc was advanced in thought and education.  The Catholic Church however, after years of corruption, became a puppet of Rex Mundi.  They thought the Cathar threatened their church.  They believed that if they did not control the knowledge of faith that their church would suffer.  The nobles of the north also were prey to Rex Mundi.  They saw the wealth of the region, the wealth of Les Templiers and wanted it for their own.  In the year 1209, the nobles of the north and the Catholics joined forces to rid themselves of the Cathar, to take what was the Cathar’s, and to keep people from learning the true way to purity.  Over the course of twenty years a great crusade swept through the Occitan, followed by twenty years of the Inquisition.  You have heard of this?”  Nicole turned her head from the window to Cameron and Pepe, both fixated on her story.

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