Chapter 47



“And it did,” said Pepe, “not gold or worthless relics.  It was the Parfaits themselves that were the treasure.”

“That is correct,” said Nicole.  “Those that held the fort said that the Cathar and Templar took with them their arc of the covenant, or the Holy Grail, things that mean nothing to the Cathar.  What escaped that night was the direct line to Christ and the Holy Spirit.  The true treasure is purity and salvation.”

“And of the Knights?” asked Pepe.  “How did they get here?”

“The Cathar were hid among Les Templiers for the next fifty years.  The nobles and the church became further possessed by the greed of Rex Mundi.  They no longer needed the Chevaliers du Christ.  The nobles wanted the lands and wealth of Les Templiers.  The King wanted the great treasure most of all.  The French King and nobles killed two Popes to get an operative of Rex Mundi in power.  Then, to put their evil plan in action, set a trap for Les Templiers.  All over France secret sealed orders were given to the King’s men.  When the time came, the orders were unsealed and the trap was sprung.  Everywhere Les Templiers were arrested and all of their property taken in the name of the King.  The King was disappointed though, even in his surprise attack, the great treasure of Les Templiers, the treasure of the Cathar, eluded his grasp.”

“To the world the story ends there,” said Pepe.  “What happened to the treasure of the Templars remains a mystery.”

“Not to the Rex Mundi, they fuel the world with disinformation to help them in their conquest,” said Nicole.

“Hmm.”  Pepe pressed his lips together and peered out into the darkness that now blanketed the outside of the car.

“The attack was not totally unexpected, some Chevaliers knew the betrayal was to come.  It was inevitable that the operatives of Rex Mundi would strike, as that is the way of Rex Mundi.  Measures had already begun to secure the order and the treasure.  From across France, wagons brought les Templiers and their papers to their ships in La Rochelle.  Not all of the Chevaliers made it out so when word came of the others arrest, those gathered with the Cathar in La Rochelle fled France eventually settling in what is now called Nova Scotia.  That was seven centuries ago.”

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