Chapter 48



Cameron looked into the rearview at Pepe.  Pepe shrugged in response.

They had drove for another fifteen minutes when Pepe leaned forward between Nicole and Cameron.  “In the trees,” said Pepe.  He pointed to the tree line to the left of the Chevy.  Cameron slowed to a crawl so that he could peer into the woods.  Behind the tree line, visible in some places, hidden in others, a wooden split rail fence ran parallel with the road.  From what they could see, the fence was an amalgam of new and aged rails ranging from barn-wood black and grey to fresh-cut blonde.  Many of the posts had fresh dirt mounds near their base no more than a few winters old.  For being in the middle of the forest, the fence was very well maintained.

Not much farther past where Pepe first saw glimpses of the split rail fence, the Chevy came to a lane that veered up a slight grade toward an opening in the trees.  At the top of the grade stood a tall wrought iron gate, blocking the entrance to a clearing behind.  The gate and the two tall supporting stone pillars were out of place between the split rail fences that squeezed the portal on either side.

“Something’s back here,” said Cameron.

* * * * *

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