Chapter 49



The young hunters turned toward the gate in unison, walked over, and then stopped to wait for Nicole.

Nicole faced Cameron, “I cannot thank you enough Mister Kincaid.  You are bon homme, a good man,” Nicole glanced at Pepe sitting in the back seat, “so is Mister Pepe.”  Nicole smiled at Pepe and he responded with a quick wink and a nod.  She turned back to Cameron, “You should live your life purer, but do not worry too much if you cannot.  You will have a better chance in your next life, without the hardships that you have had to endure in this one.”

“I will do my best,” said Cameron.  He wondered if Nicole somehow knew something about his past and then let the thought pass.  “You try to stay out of trouble yourself.”

“Au Revoir, Mister Kincaid,” said Nicole.  She walked toward the gate to join the two young men.  As she approached the hunters, one of them opened a small panel on the stone pillar revealing a numeric keypad.  The hunter tapped in a code and a buzz came from the panel followed by metallic thud inside the gate.  The other hunter pushed the heavy wrought iron door open.

Nicole stepped behind the gate and then turned back toward Cameron and Pepe and gave a gentle wave.  She waited there and watched the two men return to the Chevy, turn the car around, and start back toward route eight.

Cameron did not look into the rearview mirror as he drove back down the dirt road.  There was no real reason to look back.  Cameron knew that the gate would disappear from view as quickly as had found the mysterious portal.  Whatever was hidden behind those iron doors was hidden well.  Cameron had promised that he would get Nicole to safety and he was satisfied that she would be safe with this order of men living out in the woods.  Nicole was a treasure after all.

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