Chapter 01



The man slipped Gerard’s arms out of his sleeves and then gently set him back against the cool tile.

“That’s because these microneedles have a micro chip.  A microchip and a hundred and fifty little needles.”  The man’s eyes lit up when he said this.

The man had moved Gerard around so easily and there was nothing Gerard could do to stop him.  The man slipped on Gerard’s coat.  The waiter’s coat fit the man perfectly.  Gerard wondered how the man knew his coat was the right size.  Then something occurred to Gerard, with the coat on the man looked like him.  The white shirt, bow tie, and black slacks, they all matched Gerard’s.  The waiter’s coat with the unique embossed dragon logo to the left of the lapel was all that the man needed.

“These microneedles are a game changer.  All together I’ll be in and out of here in the time it would of taken for the transdermal to even kick in, amazing technology.”

The man slipped out of the stall and returned with Gerard’s silver serving tray.  He knelt down and took a thermos and four tall shot glasses from the duffel.  The man patted down the front of the coat and the pockets of his slacks.  He bit his upper lip and looked around the floor of the stall.  Then the man tilted his head to the side and peered at Gerard.

“One more thing,” said the man.  The man knelt down again.  From the duffel bag he removed a long silver knife and a white handkerchief.  With one hand the man wadded the handkerchief into a ball.  He firmly pressed the white cloth against the side of Gerard’s neck.  The man lifted his other arm and slowly brought the dagger close.

Gerard wanted to scream and was unable.

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