Le Dragon Vert

Chapter 02


New York

Claude furrowed his brow.

“Is there an issue?” asked Cameron.

Claude drew his words out with a determined enunciation that exaggerated his already thick French accent, “I am glad to see you are back.”

“I would have been here earlier.  We had so many extra takes.  Being a guest judge is a head ache.”

Claude rolled his eyes up from his cutting board, “The Food Network, they can not get enough of the Dragon Chef, eh?”

“You call a place Le Dragon Vert your gonna get some flack.”

“You love the attention.  Beside don’t worry.  Everything is fine here.”

Cameron knew better, sure Claude was glad to see him yet at some point during the evening rush the chef was always distraught.  Claude’s fickle dinner hour temperament was something Cameron took in stride.  Routinely each evening started with Claude focused on some true or imagined issue.  This evening Cameron had arrived at the restaurant late.

By the time Cameron stepped into the kitchen Claude had already begun to work himself into a fluster.  Cameron picked up a towel from the counter to wipe the lens of his sunglasses and waited for his close friend’s complaint of the evening.

“Well, I do not want to complain,” said Claude.

Cameron nodded and smiled, Claude always started this way.

“How is the house tonight?” asked Cameron.

“The house is fine.”


Cameron held the lens of his sunglasses up to the light.

“It’s the private party in the library,” said Claude.  He lifted the knife from the cucumber he was slicing then pointed the blade in the direction of the library.  “That woman has been hassling Gerard every time he goes near the table.”

“Right, the vegans.”  Cameron gave Claude a knowing glance then grabbed a piece of the cut cucumber and popped into his mouth.  “What’s their problem?”

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