Le Dragon Vert

Chapter 02



Cameron crossed the room toward the library.

Twice Cameron had to stop while traversing the room.  Once to greet a guest’s relative visiting for the weekend and once to compliment another regular, an aging actress, recently returned from a spa vacation in Switzerland.  Cameron’s guests loved that he remembered their names.

Cameron opened the library door.  A tall black suit took up almost the entire doorframe.  The young bodyguard’s firm jaw stayed closed as he took a step back to let Cameron into the room.  Though a bodyguard rarely stood sentry at the door, Cameron was not fazed.  Guests in the library most often preferred their bodyguards to sit at the bar and pretend to read while waiting for their celebrity clients to finish dinner.  Cameron initially thought the young man standing expressionless by the door either did not read or was too green to know the appropriate time to give his clients some space.  Once in the library Cameron thought differently.  In the far corner of the library stood another tall man in a black suit.  Older than the gatekeeper, the second bodyguard was positioned to see out the windowed sidewall.

Cameron noticed that the bodyguards not only wore matching black suits, their tiepins also matched.  Each tiepin the men wore was emerald green and embossed with the same small design.  Cameron deduced that tonight the bodyguards were not token.  These black suited men were professionals.

At the table sat the woman from the UN, Ms. Lacroux, with her guests.  The small group consisted of Ms. Lacroux, and three others Cameron did not know, a man, and two other women.  The younger of the two women looked to be around eighteen, pretty yet plain, noticeably plain, on-purpose plain.

Gerard had his back to him and was serving.

Cameron had found Gerard yet something was not right.

* * * * *

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