Chapter 03


New York

Cameron was puzzled.  How could Gerard have brought the amuse-bouche from the kitchen to the library without Cameron seeing him?  Cameron approached the table.  Gerard was serving the wrong amuse-bouche.  The shot glasses Gerard was placing in front of the guests held an orange liquid that should have been green.

Then the waiter spoke, “May I present a gift from the chef?”

The waiter’s voice, his accent, was not Gerard’s.

Cameron knew his staff well, and though this man has done his best to pass as Gerard, Cameron knew this waiter was an imposter.

Cameron’s eyes darted between the two bodyguards for a sign of suspicion.  The two men were pillars.  Cameron knew what to do.

“Good evening everyone,” said Cameron.  “Ms. Lacroux, if you could excuse us for a moment.”

“Certainly Monsieur Kincaid,” said Ms. Lacroux.  To her guests she said, “This is the fine young man I was talking about, the Dragon Chef.  He has graced us tonight.”

Cameron flashed his brow, “You are too kind.”  Cameron casually sidled the imposter.  The man wearing the white coat of a house waiter was no one Cameron had seen before.

Cameron gently and firmly grabbed hold of the waiter’s upper arm and whispered into his ear, “You should come with me.  Let’s step out of the library.”

Cool and calm, the waiter that was not a waiter stilled himself.  His ruse was foiled.  One of his arms was under the metal serving tray and the other, in Cameron’s firm grip, hovered above Ms. Lacroux and still held a shot glass.

Without notice or hesitation the imposter threw his whole body into motion at once.  His knees bent while the arm Cameron was holding pulled away from Cameron’s grip in a downward direction so the imposter could fluidly push the tray in his other hand toward Cameron’s face.  Cameron let go of the imposter then raised both arms to block and then grab the tray from his assailant.  The imposter let the tray go freely.  Both arms now free, the imposter produced a dagger from his jacket and wielded the long thin blade passed Cameron toward Ms. Lacroux.

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