Chapter 03



Before the assassin’s blade could connect with the dignitary’s throat, Cameron slammed the knife down with the serving tray.

The assassin, arm pinned beneath the tray, flashed his eyes at Cameron.

Cameron slipped his foot behind the assassin’s legs then thrust the tray back across the assassin’s chest.  The assassin flailed awkwardly as he fell, landing flat on his back.

The bodyguard at the window lunged toward the table, gun quickly in hand from the inside of his jacket.  From the door the younger mirror did the same.  A pane in the window shattered and both bodyguards fell as bullets pierced their upper bodies.  Cameron looked out the window to see a black Escalade at the curb.  Out of the dark passenger window long slender fingers wrapped a silencer-capped pistol.  The owner of the hand was hidden in the shadow of the Escalade.  The only thing of color Cameron’s eyes were able to latch onto was a gold ring with a large garnet setting on the second finger of the hand holding the gun.

Another broken pane and the sound of more glass breaking followed.  More shots were being fired.

“Take cover!” yelled Cameron.

Ms. Lacroux, and the two women shrank to the floor.  The man stayed seated, a black bullet hole burned into his forehead.  No one screamed.

Dagger in hand, the assassin pushed up from the floor toward Cameron.  Cameron threw his arms toward the man and effortlessly gripped the wrist of the assassin.  Using the assassin’s own momentum, Cameron pulled the assassin close and off balance.  Then without a breath or pause Cameron threw an arm around the assassin’s head and cupped the man’s chin.  With a sudden twist and a crack the assassin went limp.

Cameron had not even thought about what he was doing.

The tinted window of the Escalade closed up as the large black SUV pulled away from the curb.

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