Chapter 03



“Is there a back way out of here?” asked Ms. Lacroux.

“Sure, why?” asked Cameron.

“It will not be safe to go out the front, they know we are in here.”

“Right, follow me.”

Cameron stood and helped Ms. Lacroux to her feet.  “I’m fine.  Take them,” she gestured at the two women, the older helping the younger to her feet, “they are the ones in danger.”

“This way.”  Cameron waved them toward the door of the library.  There would be time to ask questions later.

At the door stood a bus boy, a young Mexican named Alex.  Alex had heard the breaking glass and, not realizing the glass was from the libraries small windowpanes, had grabbed a small broom and dustbin from the waiter’s station.

“Get Claude,” Cameron told the young Mexican, “he will need to call the police.”

“No,” said the older of the two women.  Cameron detected a French accent, not surprising since the woman was with Ms. Lacroux.

“No police,” said Ms. Lacroux.

Cameron eyes jumped between the two women and then back to the bus boy.  “Guard the door.  I’ll get Claude myself, and I don’t want anyone coming in to this room except Claude.”

“Si, se puede,” said Alex.

“C’mon,” Cameron said to the women.

Cameron scanned the front of the house, the faces of the guests, the faces of his staff.  His observation of the room vigilant, he deemed the room clear.  Cameron then led the two women out of the library and back through the dining room toward the kitchen.  The dining room was now surreal, bustling with the guests unaffected by what had just happened in the library.  Their adrenaline coursing, Cameron and the women could have been walking through an empty hall, their pace purposeful, he focused on the kitchen door, the women focused on Cameron.

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