Chapter 03



From behind the bar Francois saw Cameron’s brow furrowed and eyes set.

“Everything good?” asked Francois.

“Yes,” said Cameron as he led the women passed, “keep everyone away from the library.”

Cameron and the two women entered the kitchen.

“This will just take a moment,” said Cameron.

Cameron gestured to Claude then stepped into the small office.  When Claude came to the office door, he saw Cameron taking his SIG P226 9mm and a stack of cash from the safe.

“What is happening?” asked Claude.

“I don’t know, but I have four dead men in the library and I need to get these two out of here.”  Cameron shifted his eyes toward the women now embracing each other by the worktable.  “I need you to take care of the library.”

The old Frenchman did not flinch, “Ms. Lacroux?”

“She’s waiting for you.  I’ll call you in a little while,” said Cameron.

Claude smiled, “Call me when you can.”

Claude stepped back out of the office followed by Cameron.

“Be safe Madame, you are in good hands,” said Claude.  He bowed his head.

“Merci, c’est vraiment gentil de ta part,” said the woman.  She asked Cameron, “What if there are others waiting in the back?”

“There may be, that is why we are taking the side door.  After you,” Cameron lifted his arm toward a door by the office.

“I would rather you go first please,” said the woman.

“Certainly,” said Cameron.  He opened the door and led them into a large wood paneled room.  In front of them, a grand wooden stairwell led up to a balcony.

“What is this place?” asked the woman.

“This is the back lobby of the Hotel West.  The restaurant was part of the hotel before Claude and I took over.”

“Hmm,” said the woman.

“We will be going through here,” Cameron gestured to a door behind the stairs.  “My car is parked in the hotel garage.  I can take you home.”

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