Chapter 03



The older woman kept her arm held tight around the younger as they walked into the underground garage.  Cameron’s black Mercedes was parked behind a concrete column not far from the door.  The car chirped as he remotely unlocked the door with his key chain.  The woman looked at him with disgust, “This is an expensive car.”

“Lets say it’s an indulgence of mine,” said Cameron.  He opened the passenger doors for the women.

The woman stuck her head into the back seat of the car and smirked.  She stood up and helped the young woman into the back seat, shut the back door, and then sat in the front.  Cameron’s eyes darted over the other cars of the garage.  He tilted his head to peer for the movement of a shadow from behind any of the underground garages concrete columns.  Cameron tossed his keys up in the air then caught them, circled around the front of the car and opened the driver side door.  Cameron scanned the garage one more time and then got into the driver’s seat.

“Where am I taking you?” asked Cameron.

“We are staying at Ms. Lacroux’s townhouse a few blocks away, on 82nd, but that will not be safe.  We can go to 39th street, by the tunnel.  There is a place for us there.  A safe house.”

Cameron started the Mercedes then reached to put the car into gear.

“Over there,” the woman pointed to the far wall.

The black Escalade was in the garage and had turned onto the aisle the Mercedes was parked on.

“Duck down,” said Cameron.  He pulled the P226 from his waist and set the handgun on his lap then smoothly slid his cell phone out of his pocket and up to the side of his head, partly shielding his face.

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