Chapter 04



“Duck down until we get around the block.”

Cameron drove to the corner and turned north onto 3rd avenue.  “Ok, you can get up.  I don’t suppose there is another place I can take you.”

“Not in New York.  Can I please use your cell phone?”

Cameron gave Marie his cell phone and she dialed a number.  Cameron tried to hear what she was saying.  Marie had turned her head toward the window and was speaking softly.  When Marie finished the call she sighed and handed the phone back to Cameron.

“So?” asked Cameron.

“This city is no longer safe for us.  Is there a place we can rent a car?”

“Do you have a drivers license?”


“Then the answer is no.  Where do you want to go?”

“If we can get to Boston, there are others that can help us.”

“Boston, eh.”  Cameron clipped his phone into the Mercedes console and said, “Phone.  Call Claude.”

The sound system of the Mercedes began to ring and then Claude’s accent filled the car.


“Claude, is everything under control?”

“Oui,” Claude’s voice was somber.  “Ms. Lacroux made a call and some men quickly came to her aid.  They are cleaners Cameron.  What is going on?”

Cameron raised an eyebrow to Marie, “I wish I knew.  The women are still with me.”

“Uh huh,” said Claude.

“I am going to be taking them to Boston.  I should be back in the morning.”

Marie spoke up, “Mister Kincaid, you do not have to do that.  You already have done so much.”

“I decide what I do and not do.  Besides, it will give you a chance to fill me in.  I like complicated stories.”

“I would listen to him Madame,” Claude said over the speakers, “He is very stubborn, this one.”

Marie turned back to the window.  “Very well.”

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