Chapter 04



“Let the cleaners do their job.  I will give you a call later,” said Cameron.

“I intend to.  Be safe my friend.”

The sound system made a subtle click and the phone dimmed.

The Mercedes had reached the FDR and the city soon fell behind.

Marie and Nicole watched out the windows.  They did not speak as Cameron drove.

Thirty minutes north of New York Cameron’s thumb tapped a button on the steering wheel to turn on the radio.  The sound of electric guitar filled the car.  Marie spun her head.  She reached toward the console to find the button that would stop the music.

“You must stop this it is foul,” said Marie.

“Ok, ok,” said Cameron.  He quickly tapped another button on the steering wheel and classical piano replaced the electric guitar.  “Not a rock connoisseur, I get it.”

Marie crossed her arms and turned back toward the window.  “It is inappropriate for Nicole to hear those sounds, that music.”

“To each his own.”  Cameron glanced up at the mirror.  Nicole continued to gaze off into the night, her chin resting on her hand.

“So are you going to tell me why we are going to Boston?” asked Cameron.

Marie did not move.

“And those men back at the restaurant?”

“They were operatives of Rex Mundi,” said Nicole.

“Nicole, he does not need to know this,” said Marie.

“He has helped us.  To not tell him would be to lie.”

Marie looked at Nicole and then at Cameron, “I will tell you, but not now.”  She looked again at Nicole.  Cameron understood and continued to silently drive the Mercedes toward Boston.

* * * * *

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