Chapter 05


New York

Cameron adjusted the rearview mirror to see the rear bench seat of the Mercedes.  Nicole was on her side, her eyes closed.  “Ok, she’s asleep,” said Cameron.  “Now tell me about this Rex Mundi.  Who is he and how do I get in touch with him?”  Cameron shifted the mirror again, the lights from the car behind them flashed across his face.  “He owes me for a window.”

Marie checked to see if Nicole had indeed fallen asleep, she had.  “Don’t be foolish.  Rex Mundi is not a person.”

“If they’re some kind of terrorist group, I haven’t heard of them.  Is that what they are, some terrorist group?”

“If only it was that simple.  Rex Mundi is something greater.  It is a force with many followers, knowing and unknowing.”

“Knowing and unknowing?”

“Some are true believers and others pawns, believing they are just in their deeds.”

“True believers, what the world needs more of.”  Cameron shook his head.  “And what do they want with you?”

“It is Nicole they are after.”

“Nicole?  Why could they possibly want her?  She’s only a kid.”

“They believe she will lead them to a treasure.”

“A treasure?”

“They believe she will lead them to a treasure that has been hidden for 800 years.  Of course they are mistaken.”

“Of course.  Whatever gave them that idea?”

“Somehow they found out we are on our way to Montreal.  Nicole is to meet with someone important to us, an elderly woman.  They believe that is where they will find the treasure,” said Marie.

“And Ms. Lacroux?” asked Cameron.

“Ms. Lacroux was helping us in New York.  In Boston there is another safe house and others there that will help us get safely to Montreal.”

“I see.”

“Do you?  Because I do not wish to discuss it further.  I am tired too and need to sleep.”  Marie did not wait for Cameron’s reply.  She placed her head on the back of her seat, turned to the darkness outside her window, and closed her eyes.

* * * * *