Chapter 06



The empty drivers seat of the black Mercedes was already washed with morning light when Marie opened her eyes.  The Mercedes was parked in front of a small market.  The curb was still wet from the grocer’s hose and steps away tomatoes, apples, pears, and bananas filled a wall of produce racks.  The shade of the market’s cloth awning kept Marie cool.
Marie brought the mirrored visor down to check herself.  She wiped the sleep from her eyes with her fingertip then began combing her fingers through her hair.  In the mirror’s reflection Marie saw Nicole.

Nicole sat silent in the backseat.

“You are awake.  Where is he?” asked Marie.

“Mister Kincaid went into the market to get us something to eat.”  Nicole smoothed the fabric of her skirt.  “Is he a good man Marie?”

“I don’t know,” Marie answered quickly.

“Can we trust him?”

“We will need to,” said Marie.  She let out a slow sigh, “At least a bit more.  We are almost safe.”

Marie fastened her hair back and then opened the lid of the console where the cell phone had been charging to find the compartment empty.  Cameron had taken the phone with him.

Marie opened the door and stepped out of the car.

“Come, stretch your legs.”

* Cameron picked up an orange then gently squeezed the fruit.  He placed the orange back on the stand and went on to inspect the next.  Cameron’s other hand fished through his jacket pocket.  The cell phone had settled deep in the pocket and could not be grasped without removing the long thin dagger he had taken from the assassin the night before.  While Cameron negotiated the pocket he placed an orange in his basket beside two others and the apples and bananas picked from the produce racks outside. Cameron decided to remove the dagger from his inside pocket.  He flashed his eyes across the market to see if anyone was watching then slid the dagger partially up his cuff.  Then Cameron lifted the dagger from his jacket, cupping the blade as he brought long knife to his chest.  Cameron glanced down then slowly twisted the dagger to see the detailed inscription.

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