Chapter 06



Inscribed on the length of the blade was a Latin phrase Cameron could only partially decipher.

Neither hand free, Cameron balanced the groceries on a short table that was stacked with potatoes and then awkwardly twisted the hand that had held the groceries into the lapel of his jacket and down into the deep pocket to get the phone.  Cameron latched onto the cell with the tips of his middle and index fingers.  When the phone was safely retrieved Cameron tapped the screen twice to speed dial Claude.

“Cameron, are you ok?” asked Claude.

“I’m fine, we’re fine.  I have them here in Boston.  I plan on taking them to the safe house and then I’m heading back to New York.”

“Whoever they are, they are very serious.  By the time I got off the phone with you last night the library was clean and empty.  They even fixed the windows.”

“Huh, I’m glad somebody did.  Hey, how is your Latin?”

“Rusty, why?”

“The assassin had a dagger.  I borrowed it from him.”  Cameron again glanced down at the blade.  “It has an inscription on it that reads ‘Caedite eos!  Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.’  You know what that means?”

Claude was silent.

Cameron tilted the concealed dagger into the light, “I know the first part, ‘Kill them all’.  I’m not sure about the rest.”

“Kill them all,” said Claude, his voice was soft, “yes, I know this.  In French, it is Tuez-les tous, Dieu reconnaîtra les siens.  The rest reads, ‘Surely the Lord discerns which ones are his’, or something like it.”

“I don’t think that guy was Special Forces.  If he was, he was sloppy.”

“This is older than the special forces.  The Cistercian monk, Arnuad Amaury, said this before the massacre at Beziers.  20,000 people were slaughtered, in search of a few hundred.”

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