Chapter 07



Marie surprised Cameron when she abruptly said, “No, you do not seem to have what we need.”  Cameron was stunned.  This was the safe house.

Marie placed her index finger on her chin then tapped.  “Honey, I remember now,” said Marie, “it was the other store that has the candles.  We need to go there.”  She placed her hand on Cameron’s arm and squeezed.

Nicole was already walking to the door.

“Thank you,” Marie said to the skinny man behind the counter and then pulled Cameron toward Nicole and the door.

“Are you sure we can’t help you?” asked the skinny man as they walked to the door.

“No, thank you,” said Marie.  Quietly to Cameron Marie said, “We must go quickly.”

Cameron did not know why Marie had become so unsettled.  After what happened at the restaurant he did not hesitate to follow her lead.  Nicole opened the shop door while Cameron pulled his keychain from his pocket.

As Marie stepped in front of Cameron to exit the shop he turned his head back toward the counter.  The skinny man in the tie-dyed shirt was speaking into his cell phone, his eyes pensively set on the three as they made their exit.

“Quickly,” said Marie, the door not yet closed behind them.  “We must hurry.  They are on their way.”

Nicole and Marie climbed into the Mercedes as Cameron rounded the front.  Two blocks down Cameron saw a red sedan and a yellow Humvee turning the corner, neither yielded for the stop sign.

Cameron jumped into the drivers seat.

“We have to hurry,” said Marie.

“I get that,” said Cameron.

Cameron started the Mercedes and rapidly shifted into gear.  The tires squealed as the Mercedes sped from the curb.

“How did you know?” asked Cameron.

“He smelled like you,” said Marie.

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