Chapter 07



“Excuse me,” said Cameron as he adjusted the mirror, his foot applied firmly to the accelerator.

“We are vegan,” said Nicole.  “He was impure.”

“The smell of sour milk came into the room before he did,” said Marie.

Cameron was aware of the phenomena.  As a soldier he was taught that enemy combatants could easily be detected by their smell alone.  When deployed he was instructed to start eating the local diet as many days before the mission as possible.  There were times his squad knew a mission was coming before the orders came down simply by what the cook served.

“You were obviously right,” said Cameron.

The Humvee and sedan were close behind them.  The road was clear of traffic allowing the Mercedes to race forward.  Unfortunately the other two cars had the same advantage.

A loud thump came from the back of the car.

“Mister Kincaid,” said Nicole.

“Yeah,” said Cameron.

“They have guns!”

“I can see that!  Get down, get down!”

Another loud thump came from the back of the car.

“Why aren’t the windows breaking?” asked Marie.  She was on her side looking back at Nicole.

“They aren’t shooting at the windows,” said Cameron.  “They’re trying to take the tires out.  We have to lose them.”

Cameron hit the brakes, setting the Mercedes on a skid that swerved the car ninety degrees and onto a side street.  The Humvee started to stop too late and overran the intersection.  The red sedan made the corner.

Marie shifted forward in her seat.  Through the windshield she could see they were rapidly approaching a busy intersection.  “Oh my,” said Marie.

“You better hold on,” said Cameron.

“Nicole,” said Marie, “put your seatbelt on.”

Cameron broke and swerved again.  The Mercedes barely missed the front of a black Range Rover.  The Rover, brakes slammed, began to skid sideways.  Car horns filled the air.  Cameron accelerated without looking back.  The Rover stopped traffic at the intersection allowing the red sedan to easily pass. The yellow Humvee was not far behind.

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