Chapter 07



Cameron threw his palm onto the center of the steering wheel to alert drivers to get out of his way.  The Mercedes accelerated, dodged, and radically wove through traffic to outrun the two vehicles that effortlessly traveled in their wake.

“We are only making the way for them,” said Marie.

“Would you like to drive?” asked Cameron.

Up on the left Cameron saw the interstate onramp.  He decided that taking the interstate would be their best chance to lose the red sedan and Humvee.  To throw off his pursuers, Cameron veered to the right across the lanes from the onramp.  He accelerated behind then around the far right side of an Econoline van.  As the Mercedes began to pass the van Cameron cut sharply in front of the truck, darting to make the entrance of the interstate on the far left.  The Econoline made a sharp left to avoid the Mercedes.  The front wheels of the van, having turned so abruptly, collapsed under the momentum of the Econoline.  The vehicle propelled up and over, the side of the van skidding counterclockwise on the pavement and in a slow spin.

The shadow of the van briefly eclipsed the back of the Mercedes.  “Sorry about that,” said Cameron.  He floored the accelerator the length of the onramp and launched the Mercedes onto the interstate at high speed.  Cameron wove between the other cars.  Traffic was getting more congested yet at the speed Cameron drove the interstate could have been a parking lot.

“This might not have been such a good idea,” said Marie.

“Now why would you say that?”

Marie pointed ahead to the large triangle tower coming up in front of them, shining metal cables skirting down from the summit.  “That is a bridge, is it not?”

“That, my dear, is the Zakim Bridge, and our passage to safety.”

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