Chapter 07



“Oh my,” said Marie.

The traffic slowed near the bridge.  The Humvee and sedan were closing in.  The Mercedes continued to weave between through and around the many vehicles at the mouth of the bridge.  Across the lanes was the entrance to the tunnel that ran under the city.  Cameron made another attempt to elude their pursuers.  From the far side of the bridge, Cameron swerved across the crowded lanes and down to the tunnel.  A symphony of horns and brakes barraged the Mercedes.  The wide tunnel entrance, dark in shadow, approached quickly and for the first time Marie clenched her fingers on the sides of her seat.

The tunnel swallowed the Mercedes whole.  The lights of the tunnel dizzily careened above them.  If they could not tell their speed from within the Mercedes before they definitely now knew they were moving at a reckless rate.

A torrent burst of shots rattled out from behind, thunderously echoing off the tunnel walls and deep into the Mercedes, virtually soundproof by design.  In the right lane ahead a minivan sank into the pavement as the tires beneath disintegrated.  The minivan’s backend swayed in front of the Mercedes, first to the right and then to the left.  Cameron dodged left to avoid the minivan cutting off a Jeep in the process.  The stunned driver of the Jeep spun his wheel sharply causing the Jeep to up end and flip forward and then skid forward on the hood.

Cameron glanced up into the rearview in time to see the red sedan strike the back of the Jeep, launch into a spin, and slam against the tunnel wall.  “I think they caused more trouble for themselves than for us,” said Cameron.

“I don’t think so,” said Marie.  She could see the Humvee circumventing the Jeep that now rested in the middle of the tunnel behind them.  Another burst of shots rattled out, the last of which made loud thumps on the Mercedes.  Cameron pursed his lips and shook his head.  Brake lights lit up on cars ahead of them as other drivers started to slow.  Up ahead the daylight gleamed above the rooftops of the cars.

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