Chapter 08



Cameron drove a few blocks before he started making indiscriminate turns down side streets.  Comfortable that no one was behind them, Cameron pulled the Mercedes up to a curb.  He gestured for Maria and Nicole to stay seated a moment longer and then stepped out onto the street.

Cameron stood outside of the Mercedes with the door open, poised to jump back in if needed.  He watched the corner of the street the Mercedes had turned from.  The Humvee was not following.  Cameron stuck his head back in the car, “Let’s go, we’re leaving the Mercedes.”

Marie and Nicole got out of the Mercedes and followed Cameron down the sidewalk.  He held out his keychain and the car chirped.  In midstride Cameron stopped.  Cameron returned to the Mercedes.  The car chirped again as he unlocked the door.  Cameron’s eyes flashed from window to window in search of anybody in the houses along the street that may be watching.  Cameron opened the door of the Mercedes, knelt down, and then pulled his 9mm from under the seat.  Cameron tucked the handgun into his waist and then, keychain in hand, jogged back to where Marie and Nicole were waiting.  Behind the three the Mercedes chirped again.

“Where are we going?” asked Marie.

“The orange line,” said Cameron.  He gestured to the stop at the corner.

“What is the orange line?” asked Marie.

“The train downtown.  Let’s hurry.”

The three walked quickly to the platform and did not have to wait long for the next train.

Cameron and the women could not keep themselves from scanning the neighborhood before they boarded the train.  They stood in the center of the train car expecting someone to run up to the window looking for them.  No one did.  The train pulled away from the stop.

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