Chapter 08



Cameron eased himself a little.  Though Nicole did not look fazed Cameron could tell that Marie was unsettled.  Since the shooting Marie’s manner had been stoic and now Cameron was sensing wear.

“They were waiting for us,” said Cameron.

“So it seems,” said Marie.  She was staring blankly into the window.

“Good catch with that guy at the counter.”

“He smelled repulsive.”

“I don’t think it was his intention to fool us.  I think we caught him off guard.”

Marie nodded her head.  “I knew some of our people here in Boston.”

“They must have all been compromised,” said Cameron.

“I would like to think that some made it onto hiding,” said Marie.

Cameron looked at the subway map on the wall of the train.  They were heading downtown.

Marie looked at Nicole and then to Cameron, “We need to get to Montreal.  I don’t know where we will be safe until then.”

“I’ll get you there,” said Cameron.

When the train stopped at the Chinatown station Cameron led them off.  “I have an idea.  Stay here.”  He walked over to speak to the station agent.  Marie could see the agent giving direction to Cameron by motioning his arm toward the exit.  Cameron thanked the agent then left the station with the women.

Marie put her arm around Nicole.

The open-air markets were stocked with fish and frogs.  Nicole looked curiously into each stall.  Cameron sensed Nicole’s dismay.  He explained that the frogs were used to make dumplings.

Nicole pursed her lip.  “Hmm,” said Nicole, the first sound she uttered since they had left the Mercedes.

“Though you may not eat them, a lot of people do.  They’re like chicken but sweeter,” Cameron caught himself, “Of course, you don’t know what chicken tastes like.”

“It’s not a fish,” said Nicole.

“No,” said Cameron.

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