Chapter 09


Chinatown Express

A white passenger bus with the word ‘Lucky’ written in bright red letters across the side pulled up to the curb outside the restaurant.  Cameron went out first to confirm the passage and pay the fare for the three of them and then went back into the restaurant to get Marie and Nicole.  He led them out of the restaurant and directed them to get on the bus with the group that had gathered by the door.  Near the bus an old man and his fruit cart stood in the shade of a large umbrella.  Cameron bought bananas, apples, and blueberries then joined the others on the bus.  He sat in the seat behind Marie and Nicole and then from the bag of fruit he pulled a banana.

“Nicole,” said Cameron.

“Yes,” said Nicole.  Cameron offered Nicole the bag of fruit.

“There is some fresh fruit in the sack,” said Cameron.  “We’ll be ok now.  I’m going to rest my eyes, you may want to do the same.”

“Thank you, Mister Kincaid,” said Nicole.

Cameron smiled and tilted his head forward.  Nicole returned the smile.  He slipped his sunglasses on and let his headrest back on the seat.  Marie tapped Nicole’s shoulder and gestured for her to turn around.


 Cameron lifted his head off of the bus seat.  The back of Cameron’s neck was damp from sleep.  An old woman in a red vest uneasily made her way to the back of the bus.  She placed her hand on the edge of Marie’s seat and then, helping her balance, moved the hand to the back of his seat.  Evergreens silently slid past the window.  The tires of the bus hummed in a droning tranquil rhythm that was easily tuned out leaving for the most part silence with the exception of a tinny noise from the too loud headphones across the aisle and the soft murmurs of an elderly couple behind him.  Nicole’s head was against the window and Marie, not trying to sleep or having napped already, flipped through one of the magazines that had been left behind in the seat pocket in front of her by some earlier passenger. Cameron folded his arms over the back of Marie’s seat and rested his chin near her ear.  “She’s sleeping?” said Cameron.

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