Chapter 09



Marie looked over to Nicole, placed the magazine back into the seat pocket, and then moved from her seat to Cameron’s.  Cameron slid over to the window to make room for her.  Marie sighed as she sat and then pinched the bridge of her nose between her thumb and index finger.

“Are you alright?” asked Cameron.

“I get a little motion sickness,” said Marie, still squeezing, “it caught me for a moment when I stood.”  She released her nose and sat upright, inhaling a large breath.  “I’m fine now.”

“That works?”

“So it seems.  It’s an old trick my grandmother taught me.”

Marie turned to Cameron and smiled.

“That’s a nice smile,” said Cameron.

“Thank you Mister Kincaid.  I am not a cold person.  You have to understand the responsibility I have.”

“If the last twenty-four hours is any impression, it would be easy to underestimate.”

“It is not always like this.  Sometimes yes.  She knows nothing different.  Nicole has lived her life in hiding, hunted.  She is very strong, but I am saddened for her.”

“Why is she — are you — in hiding?”

“I told you, we are Cathari, the pure ones.  Hiding has become our way.”

“Yes, you told me she holds the key to a treasure that will transform the world.”

“You are skeptical.  Why wouldn’t you be?  The Rex Mundi believes the treasure will transform the world.  I told you they are wrong.”

“That’s what I mean.  Why do they think she holds the key to this treasure?”

“She is destined to be a Perfect.  The Rex Mundi, somehow, know this.”

“She is to become perfect?”

“A Perfect, Mister Kincaid.”

“A Perfect?  What does that mean?”

“The woman we are going to meet.  She is an elder holy woman.  She is a Perfect.”

“Like a Priest?”

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