Chapter 09



Outside the bus, the driver stood by as two uniformed men inspected the baggage compartment while another circled the ‘Lucky’ with a mirror on the end of an extended pole to inspect the underbody.

After speaking to everyone, the border agent went back to the front of the bus and filled out a logbook while he waited for the driver to board.  When the driver stepped up into the bus the two spoke briefly.  The border agent let out another brief laugh and then left the bus with a wave to a small girl in the front seat.

The bus drove around the immigration building at the north of the staging area to a queue lane made up of other buses with Greyhound and Peter Pan logos decaling their sides.  Without ever fully stopping the bus slowly rolled through the queue and passed the checkpoint.  Clear of the immigration complex the ‘Lucky’ sped up to continue the journey to Montreal.

Cameron leaned forward and again folded his arms on the back of Marie and Nicole’s seat.  “Easy peasy.”

“Easy peasy, Mister Kincaid?”  Marie raised an eyebrow toward Cameron.

“We should be in Montreal in no time,” said Cameron.  He then sat back into his own seat and slipped his sunglasses back on.

* * * * *

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