Chapter 10



The ‘Lucky’ pulled up to a city bus stop at the edge of Dorchester Square.  Cameron walked up the curb past the front of the bus.  He fixated on the green dome of the building across the square, the girth of which towered over the park.

“King of the world,” said Cameron.

“Excuse me,” said Nicole.

“Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde,” said Cameron.  He pointed at the columned structure, the statues lining the parapet.  “I always thought of this church as a mini Saint Peter’s.  It’s basically Saint Peter’s on a smaller scale.”

“What do you think of it now?”

“Its name.  It is the Mary, Queen of the world Cathedral.  The Rex Mundi cathedral.”

“Ah, I see,” said Marie gazing at the basilica.  She braced her elbow in her hand and tapped her chin with the fingertips of the other.  “The name means nothing.”

“All cathedrals are creations of Rex Mundi,” said Nicole.

“You don’t say,” said Cameron.

“As are all things in the material world.”

“Ok,” said Cameron.  He shifted his body away from the park to Marie.  “So, do you know where we are to meet the woman?”

“The person we must meet will not be available until this evening,” said Marie.

Still early, Cameron suggested they eat before the meeting.  They went around the corner to a large hotel and entered the restaurant.  After eating only fruit all day, he had worked up an appetite.  He ordered the salmon with a glass of wine.  Marie and Nicole asked for the same.

“You really do eat fish?” asked Cameron when the waiter stepped away.

“I told you it is part of the old way,” said Nicole.

“How is that?”

“We do not eat meat or byproducts of reproduction like eggs, milk, cheese.  The old beliefs are that fish spontaneously appear in the water.  So fish is allowed,” said Marie.

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