Chapter 10



“So the vegan thing is –”

“A religious practice concerning physical reproduction.  The soul could return.  We are more so vegetarians, though some such as Ms. Lacroux are vegan.”

“And wine?”

“We are also allowed wine.”

When the food arrived, the women prayed.  Cameron waited for them to complete the Lord’s Prayer and then they ate without conversing.

* By the time they finished the meal the daylight through the window had turned amber from the streetlamp.

Cameron paid the bill and his companions went to freshen up.

The meal had given them new vigor and when they walked out into the warm air the three felt at ease for the first time since New York.  Along the sidewalk they passed others strolling leisurely on their way to dinner, clubs, and the late night shops of the avenue.  Cameron and the two women beside him easily blended as denizens of Montreal.

They walked a few short blocks and then stopped in front of the last building on the block, a small solitary building that sat near a corner, surrounded by a parking lot.

“This is the place,” said Marie.

Cameron lifted his eyes to the blue neon sign above the door.  The sign portrayed a blue mermaid, her tail flashing intermittently to the left then to the right.  Next to the mermaid, in fancy stylized script were the words, La Sirène Bleue.

“The Blue Mermaid,” said Cameron.  ‘Live Jazz Tonite, featuring Glenda Johnson’ was scrawled on a chalkboard in the lower corner of the window.  “This ought to be interesting,” said Cameron.  He opened the glass door and the three entered the club.

On the other side of the vestibule, a large black man in a turtleneck and dark sport coat spread open a beaded curtain with one meaty hand and waived them through with the other.

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