Chapter 10



The sparsely crowded La Sirène Bleue had been decorated in the fifties or sixties.  Patina and shadows accented the brown wood and brass detailing the room.  The namesake, a topless mermaid with a blue tail, orange hair, and perky smile, was depicted on a mural that ran the length of the sidewall.  The blue mermaid rested on a rock outcropping surrounded by a turbulent seascape.  A martini glass in her hand held an obligatory olive compliment.

On the other side of the room huge aquariums, their algae crusted backs painted cerulean blue, sat above the shelves of liquor on the wall behind a long bar.  The aquariums may have held salt-water fish at one time, now old oversized cichlids, mostly blood bellied Oscars, inhabited them.

In the back of the room a double bass, baby grand, and small drum kit were being put to use by three leathery faced musicians.  The bass player sported a goatee that ran pencil thin on the sides and a tall porkpie hat high on his forehead.  His elongated face paralleled the neck of the double bass he was gently plucking.  The piano player and drummer each moved in slow time to the lament of the torch song crooned by the beautiful caramel colored mezzo-soprano.

Glenda Johnson stood in low blue light on a small corner stage.  Her song of love and lovers was sweet and slow and Glenda sang the ballad deeply.  Like the trio playing with her, Glenda performed with her eyes closed.  Her head tilted slightly to the side as she sang, a passionate appeal that true love is unstoppable.

Cameron could not help being mesmerized.  He did not immediately notice the woman in the blue cocktail dress and menu cards in her hand, sidled next to them.  When he did, she gestured Cameron and the women to follow her.  The woman led them to a small round table near the stage, and placed the menu cards on the table when they sat.

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