Chapter 10



“Trois vins rouges, s’il vous plait,” said Cameron.

“Oui, un instant,” said the woman in the blue dress.

The three quietly listened to the performance as the woman went to get the drinks from the bartender.  She quickly returned with wine and a small crystal bowl of assorted nuts.

When the song finished the audience applauded and only then did Glenda open her eyes.  She nodded her head to the crowd, if as sparse a group could be called a crowd, and placed her hands together, graciously thanking the room.

The bass player took a long draw from a rock glass, and then, refueled, began a driving rhythm.  The piano player and drummer bobbed their heads in time and launched into an upbeat standard.  Glenda looked over to the band with a full open smile, said something Cameron did not make out, and then turned back to the microphone and belted out the verse.

Glenda engaged the room and at one point in the song, locked eyes with Marie.  Cameron sensed a recognition that was confirmed when the singer’s eyes trailed to Nicole, in a brief gesture Glenda lowered her head to the young woman.

The light shined in Marie’s eyes.  Her hand lightly tapped the table in time with the bass.

“Glenda, we’re here to meet Glenda Johnson?” asked Cameron.  Marie nodded.

* * * * *

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