Chapter 11



Cameron felt relief, maybe because they had arrived at their destination, maybe because of the wine, perhaps both.  He eased back in his chair and lifted his glass.  When Glenda’s eyes met their table again, Cameron tilted his glass toward her, and she responded with a smile.

When Glenda finished the song the room applauded again and she excused herself from the stage.  She stepped over to the musicians, said something, and then joined the three at the table.  Marie stood and the two embraced tightly.

“Mon ami, tant de temps,” said Glenda.  The two traded kisses on each cheek.

“It has been too long,” said Marie, holding Glenda close to her.

When the two let go, they stepped far enough away from each other to trade an inspection.  “Si belle,” said Glenda.

“Et vous,” said Marie.  She gestured toward the table, “Glenda, you remember Nicole.”

“Of course, what a lovely woman you have become.”

“Merci,” said Nicole.

“And this is Mister Kincaid.”

Cameron stood and held out his hand.  Glenda placed her hand on his.

“How do you do Monsieur?”

“I’m well, thank you.  Your singing is lovely.”

“Merci, I am glad you enjoyed it.”

Glenda’s brow furrowed, very slightly, subtly.  “Mister Kincaid, are you a good man?”

“Excuse me?” asked Cameron, unsure what Glenda meant.

“She is asking if you are one of us,” Marie said to Cameron, and then turned back to Glenda, “No, he is not.  But he has gone out of his way to help us.”

Glenda’s face lost expression.

“He can be trusted,” said Nicole.  With that, the smile returned to Glenda’s face and she gestured Cameron to return to his seat.

“After you,” said Cameron.

All were seated, Glenda taking the seat between Marie and Cameron.

“I am sorry Mister Kincaid.  It seems I, we all, owe you a debt.  In these times it is hard to know who to trust.”

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