Chapter 11



“I understand,” said Cameron.

Glenda placed her hand on Cameron’s and gazed into his eyes.

“Glenda and I grew up together,” said Marie.

“Really,” said Cameron.

“Yes,” said Glenda, “hard to believe that so many years have passed.”  She looked across the table at Nicole, “The Perfect will be glad to see you.”

“Is she near?” asked Marie.

“She is not.  The Rex Mundi has been close, too close.  It was not safe for her here any longer.  I know you have had some trials of your own, but it is not safe for you either.”  Glenda raised her head and scanned the room.  “They watch us even now.”

Cameron faced the length of the room from his side of the table.  He could see two men in leather jackets at the bar, conversing amongst themselves, and stealing glances between Glenda and the table.  Under the mural, a man and a woman shared an iced bottle of champagne from a bucket next to their table.  They too traded glances at the table.  He had not thought about anyone in the club being an assassin before Glenda said they were being watched.  Now every patron looked suspect.

“Who is it?” asked Cameron.

“Any of them, all of them.  Hard to know,” said Glenda.

As Glenda and Marie talked amongst themselves, Cameron continued to size up the patrons.  When his eyes got back to the large man at the door, three men entered the club.  The three men were young, their hair close to their scalps and all were leather clad.  The leather jackets were not out of the ordinary, many of the men Cameron had seen on the streets of Montreal as well as a few here in La Sirène Bleue sported them.  Dark leather jackets were always in fashion in northern cities.  Something about these three men stood out to Cameron, made them different than the others around them.  Their grooming, trained physique, the way they postured at the door, three together, not one with his back to the room.  These men were military, that Cameron was sure of.  Two of the three conversed with the doorman, while the third, the tallest of the three, scanned the room, ultimately locking eyes on Glenda.  The tall man placed his hand on the shoulder of the man standing next to him and whispered into his ear.  This one then looked to the length of the room, passed the table where the four were sitting, and then back to the tall man and nodded his head and began to walk toward the table.

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