Chapter 11



Cameron was sure something was up.  He leaned into the table to casually slide a hand beneath so that he could secure the P226 tucked into his waist.

“Excuse me,” Cameron interrupted Marie and Glenda, “this guy coming up behind you and his buddies at the door don’t settle right with me.”

Glenda did not turn toward the door.  She looked passed Cameron to the bass player.  The player acknowledged Glenda’s concern with a nod.  “It seems Tom agrees with you Mister Kincaid,” said Glenda.

As the young man approached the table Cameron’s hand tightened on the P226 grips.  The young man walked past without a glance down to the table or anyone sitting at its side.

“He is going to the men’s WC,” said Marie.

At the edge of Cameron’s peripheral he saw that was so.  Marie turned around to look at the two men standing sentry at the front door.  “They are only waiting for their friend,” said Marie. “They will be leaving soon.”

Cameron wanted to believe Marie.  Though the two at the door no longer scanned the room something was still not right with them.  Cameron knew he was correct that they were military, that was not what stuck out though.  What bothered Cameron was the way they stood.  The music the Jazz trio played was infectious with a solid backbeat and everyone in the club was bobbing their head, tapping their fingers or feet, or all of the above.  Not the two at the door.  They stood poised.  Only one other person in the club was still, set for recoil, unaffected by the music, and that was Cameron himself.

A moment later, the young man exited the men’s room and walked back by the table as he had the first time, without a glance to any of the four.  Cameron gripped the P226 firmly.  When the man got back to the front door where the other two were waiting, all three left the club.

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