Chapter 11



Marie watched the door close behind the last.  “You see,” said Marie, “only using the WC.”

Cameron was still unsure about the three and Glenda confirmed his suspicion, “They have been here before.”

“That was a sweep,” said Cameron.  “They were casing the room.  They’ll come back and when they do they’ll mean business.”

“Mister Kincaid is right.  It will not be safe to leave through the front.  Come,” Glenda stood, “follow me to the back.  You can leave that way.”

The three followed Glenda through a door behind the stage to a small musty back room used for storage.  Cases of liquor lined one wall and a large metal washtub with a mop set inside was on the other.  Cameron decided the musty smell was coming from the mop.  At the back of the room was metal door.

Glenda reached behind a box of candles on a low shelf and brought out a black handbag.  She removed an envelope, “Take this,” Glenda said to Marie.  “The Perfect is in Toronto.  The address is here along with some cash.”

Glenda took hold of Marie again and the two held each other in another tight embrace.

“When this is over I will be back to see you, Mon ami,” said Marie.

“It will be like the old days,” said Glenda.  She then hugged Nicole, wished her well, and lastly turned to Cameron and took his hand between both of hers.  “Please be safe Mister Kincaid.  We all thank you for this.”

Cameron did not know what to say.  He had thought his journey over until a few moments before.  “I will,” was all Cameron said.

Glenda unlocked the metal door.

“Au Revoir,” said Glenda, and closed the door behind the three as they stepped out into the night.

* * * * *

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