Chapter 12



Cameron helped them to their feet, “It was the club,” he gestured back.  “They blew up the club.”

Marie now realized for the first time that La Sirène Bleue was in flames.  She put her hand on Cameron’s shoulder to push him aside, “Glenda.  We have to go back.”  Cameron put his arms around her and held her, shielding her from the fate of her friend.  She pushed at his chest with her forearms, “We have to go, she needs our help.”

“There is nothing we can do,” said Cameron.  “We have to get out of here.”

Nicole was composed.  She took Marie by the shoulders and pulled her back toward her.  “Mister Kincaid is right.  She has gone to the next life.  We must go.”

Marie pulled her arms from Cameron’s chest and pressed her wrists against her forehead.  “You are right,” said Marie.  Her tone lowered, her hysteria passed.  “We must go.”

Cameron turned back to view the burning building.  Two more smaller explosions murmured from within the club, the second causing a tall flume to shoot out above.

“I don’t see anybody.  They must think we were in the club.  Let’s go now before they start snooping around.”

* * * * *

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