Chapter 13



“Thanks Claude, you don’t need to come up here.  I need you to keep things together until I get back.”

“Of course.”

“There is one thing you can do though,” said Cameron.

“I will call him,” said Claude, “as soon as I am off the phone with you.”

“Ha, ha.  You don’t miss a trick.”

Claude knew that Cameron needed Pepe, a friend from their time together in the Legion.  Pepe lived in Montreal and Claude could easily find most anyone he and Cameron had served with.

“Find a safe place to wait for the call,” said Claude.

“Thanks Claude.  I’ll hang tight until then.”

Cameron finished the call and then looked at the battery indicator on his phone.  The Mercedes charged the cell phone’s battery when the phone was plugged into the car.  Cameron did not have another way to charge the phone, and now a day out, the battery was already half gone.  Cameron decided he would wait for the call from Pepe and then go silent, using the phone sparingly until he needed to reach out again.

The sound of sirens filled the streets as emergency vehicles fleeted to the remnants of La Sirène Bleue.  Cameron, Marie, and Nicole had walked three blocks away from the club before circling back downtown toward the hotel to wait for Pepe’s call.

Though the day had been long, the evening was still young.  Back on the avenue, couples and small groups were as they had been when the three so pleasantly left the hotel only a short time before.

When they walked into the lobby Marie, wide eyed and jaw open, took in Cameron and Nicole under the light.  “We look a mess,” said Marie.  She reached up and tucked Cameron’s shirt collar back below his blazer.  “Shall we meet in the restaurant?”

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