Chapter 14



“So Claude has filled you in?” asked Cameron.

“I know nothing really.  I do not want to know.”  His pleasant grin shifted to a sneer and his tone to low and sarcastic, “But I did like that little jazz club that disappeared tonight.”

Marie dropped her eyes to the table.  Pepe squinted at Marie, pursed his lip, let the corners of his mouth turn up, and then said, “But a little adventure is good for the blood.”  Pepe winked at Cameron, “Anything you need my friend.”

The waiter brought over a carafe of wine for the table, “Merci,” they each said softly, almost in unison.

Cameron raised his glass to Pepe, “There really is nothing to tell, not now anyway.  But we need to get to Toronto, and we need your help.”

Pepe slipped his hand into his sport coat, produced a set of keys and a ticket to the hotel garage, and placed them on the table.  “Take my car,” said Pepe.  “It’s a Chevy.  It is not as nice as your Mercedes if I remember.  But it will serve you nicely.”

Marie pulled the envelope that Glenda had given her from her handbag.  “How much do you need?  We do not have much but it is all for you if you like.”

Pepe held his palm to the envelope, “Please,” said Pepe, “You I forgive, Cameron knows better.”  He reached back into his jacket pocket, pulled out a small notebook, and tore away a page.  He held the paper up with one hand and fiddled with the key ring on the table with the other.  When Pepe found the key he was looking for he dangled the key ring next to the paper.  “This is the address to a cabin I have on Lake Ontario, and this round key opens the side door.  Stop there on your way to rest for the night.”  He looked at the three of them and then under his breath said, “It will do you some good.  You look like you need it.”

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