Chapter 14



“Merci Monsieur,” said Marie.

Pepe smiled, toasted them with a nod, and then took a drink.  “Under the seat you will find a friend.”

“I have a gun,” said Cameron.

Pepe chuckled, “Of course you do, only you would bring one across the border in these times.”  Pepe’s eyes went stern, “One can never have too many.”  Cameron nodded his head in agreement.  Their long shared history in the Legion had taught them that armament was not something to be missed when needed.

When the wine was finished, Pepe walked them to the door.  “If you need anything call me, and try to return my car in one piece.”

“You are a true friend Pepe.”

Pepe grabbed Cameron’s shoulders and placed a kiss on each cheek, “Viva Legionne”.

Cameron peered deeply into Pepe’s eyes, “The Legion is our strength.”

* * * * *

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